Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Protective styles that we all can learn to do

Its the winter time and I like the Idea of protective styling so I decided to post some links on some do it yourself styles for the winter some involve weave but other then that no real extra additives Hope you enjoy some of these how-to's and learn a lot i know I have.

                            Senegalese Twist

                                 Sew in Weave

                                 Fish Scale Updo


Okay there it is of course there are tons of styles out there for you to do and learn i just like these certain styles I am not a hair dresser by any means but with practice I have learned a few things especially with two daughters with long natural hair of course there are hats and scarves and bonnets for us twa ladies and what I call baby twists but the key to protective styling is moisturize keep your hair healthy protect your ends and be you nothing like some winter breakage to disrupt a your journey check back and I will be showing you some styles I attempt and let me know what you do to protect your locs I love learning new things any who subscribe to the ladies above .

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