Monday, November 4, 2013

So It was My Birthday Weekend and I decided to cover up my kinks with a sew in her our few pics of my birthday protective style.

Full Body Looking like a hot mama.

 I had a great time went to Tucson for the weekend we crashed at the Omni  Tucson national Resort LUXURY!!!!

Thanks for stopping by to see my lovely natural weekend I also got a facial and body massage so I had a lovely pampered weekend

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey there me one more time I totally forgot to let you guys see my year to date progress I took this photo a few days ago so tell me what you think working hard out here lol!!!

don't forget post a comment!!! I will reply
Hey there haven't posted for a long while been busy but here is my hair up date and a few picks of styles I have been trying on myself and my kiddos Enjoy!!!

                  Her is my One year anniversary pick I had my hair flat ironed and my ends clipped
Her are a few styles I have gotten done since then oh yea and no heat or trim since My One year mark on July 7 2013

Then you may ask what have you been doing for work army regulations states blah blah....yea I know but her is a few less then great work hair.

Now here are a few styles I have been practicing on my kiddos

Now my little progress up date I have been trying the LOC method it seems to be working pretty will I wash my hair that's my liquid then I use EVOO water mixture that's my oil an I use curls unleashed curling define cream as my cream works pretty good nothing to complain about searching for that so called product that I will fall in love with hasn't happen yet. joined a few more hair communities I like such as  FB:

There is an event people in Sierra Vista Az and surrounding area might be interested in also flyer below no promoting just putting it out there if your interested follow information on flyer

Until next time don't forget to comment feedback is awesome!!!


Monday, December 17, 2012

New product

Started using carols daughter today I used the co wash and the leave-in conditioner and used the hair pudding to style. Product game in a 20 dollar gift set I slapped on a head band an put my pc on my hair still feels soft

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Love her flexi rod set wish my hair was long enough to start attempting styles like this check out her video like if you like shes funny to.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Removed my sew-in

Ok folks just removed my sew in it was in for a month my hair breath for a few days before I cover it back up with some braids prolly Senegalese or micros I see a lot of growth right now I'm pre-piping with warm virgin olive oil then I will wash condition and try to pull of my first style session with my twa for the week

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reminisce sometimes

Remembering my relaxer :) huh takes me back to my chi iron days I used a lot of motions product that was my ish but now its a new lizz I'm a kinky queen and I'm embracing it but it don't hurt to go back once in while. Do you have an old relaxed photo share it with me.