Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lizzywill's Journey

I Big Chopped on July 18 2012

Hello my name is Lizz Williams I am in the US Army I Cut all my hair off on July 18 2012. It started as an accident but i decided it was my chance at a fresh start. I was a little embarrassed at first when I cut my hair but because i am a bold personality I got over it. No one liked it they all thought I was trying to pull a G.I Jane but that was so far from the truth. I model on the side also and have yet to take a job since I started my journey  not because i am self conscious its a  lot of models with natural hair these days but because I just haven't took a job lol. I change my hair a lot but I feel like from now on my real hair will be my natural hair I am starting to love it I am on my 6th month right now I have no real regimen I am still getting to know my TWA and the ends and out of taking care of my hair. I actually have a sew in right now so I am covered up for the winter. I decided to start a blog because i really have no one to talk to about my hair and what i go through with it and it actual is something I deal with everyday so I hope you like what i have to say and can give me some input into my journey who knows maybe we can help each other. I am really into the create your own product phase so who knows maybe one day I will be on my carols daughter flow.

Here is my sew in now
just a few pics it been in for a month well since Nov 1


From what I have been reading I am doing what is called Protective Styling My objective is to grow my coils long so I will do what I can.Of course this is my 1st blog entry ever so it is a little long but its my journey and I want to take you with me if you would let me my This part is my hair progress up till the above sew in that's about five months let's see how I have been doing. I used 

This is Month 1 July after I bc'd I went and got my hair evened and lined

This is Month 2 August This month I bought As I Am products and used them. I went with the Curl Clarity  shampoo,Coconut co-wash,Hydration elation conditioner, leave in conditioner, and curl care's soft hold creme. I will explain my regimen on the next month this month was wash and go everyday I could wash my hair every night cause it was so short. 

Month 3 September this month I started popping curls which i liked but it was still short but I could pull my curls out I have major shrinkage also bummer. My regimen was was shampoo on Sundays honey & olive oil mixture for a deep conditioner I let it sit for an hour with a plastic cap it made my hair smell awesome and it was mad shiny I would wash it out and co-wash then I would spray an olive oil water mixture on it then off to bed.

I usually have to wash my hair everyday because i do physical training in the morning so after pt I would co-wash leave-in conditioner & soft hold cream air dry or if i have time 15 min hair dry and bounce that's pretty much all I did.

Oh and because I live in Arizona right now my little spray bottle of olive oil and water stayed in my pocket for those i feel dry moments during the day in the hot sun.

This is month 4 October My B-day month I kept up the same regimen as before and got a little growth I introduced the wide tooth comb and deman brush int to my styling system to untangle. This is the last month before my November cover up .

This is what I used for my Proactive style. I did a sew in myself I cant braid so my home girl did that. My hair is Peruvian body wave I bought it from the best hair retailer in Houston hairgeneticks home of the $100 bundle. My hair is%100 virgin thin weft great for sew-in no shedding I used 3 bundles great buy when i take it out I will be able to wash and reuse next time I love it easy maintenance also any who pic below.

Thanks for listening to me gab check back for updates or drop me a line I will reply I promise I wanna know what you do to your hair and what I can do to mine.

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